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  • Get Value for Money with RMF Scrubs

    RFM ScrubsA majority of nursing students and medical practitioners favor RMF scrubs and this can be justified. While the prices of most medical devices and uniforms today have all soared up, it is quite surprising that those of the RMF have remained budget-friendly without compromising their quality. In fact, this company is known for being a wholesaler of affordable hospital uniforms.

    There are a few things which make the RMF scrubs a popular choice among nurses and medical practitioners. Here is a list of what you can expect to get from them:

    • Affordable Quality – At RMF, all kinds of scrubs and lab coats are at clearance-sale prices. A scrub set, whether plain or with designs, usually has an initial selling price of $9.50. But despite the lower cost, the garments are made of high-quality fabrics. Just recently, it has introduced a new line of micro-fiber scrubs for a wrinkle-free wear.
    • All Sizes Available – From XXS to 8X, RMF got them covered. Whether for a petite or chubby frame, the company offers the same designs for all sizes so everyone gets the right fit. They are readily available and the customers need not adjust them once received.
    • printed RFM ScrubsCool DesignsRMF scrubs are available in both plain and printed varieties. There are different designs for every style preference.
    • Free Shipping – For purchases amounting to $75 and above, the company offers free shipping. Hence, those who order wholesale scrubs can easily take advantage of this. Customers with regular purchases that do not qualify for the free shipment may still avail of the $9.95 low rate.
    • Low-Cost In-House Services – These include the optional embroidery of logo which cost only $3 per garment and the inseam for only $2-$3. Customers may simply request for these services before the shipment of the RMF scrubs.
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